Saturday, September 13, 2014

What am I doing up?
It's Friday night / early Saturday morning.
I should be in bed, sleeping.
I was, but awoke full-on. Sometimes that happens.

I stumbled upon a new tool this morning.
This is what happens when your mind wanders into the Information Security sector of the Internet.
I was perusing my gmail email account and a LinkedIn group that I subscribe to pushed an email that looked interesting. One thing, actually one link lead to another and I found myself at a reverse engineering page that described a dissection of some malware.
Then, a reference to a reverse engineering tool I am not familiar with was mentioned.
That tool is PEStudio.
You can find it here.

As a security tool it looks promising. I love good code. I love code that does what the author says it does. Have downloaded and will be investigating more in the AM over some coffee and breakfast.

- Ciao

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